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This land

What I am doing terrifies me; changing almost everything about my life after 15 years of being a certain way and doing a certain thing.

I am in a new land, one which I am scared of. One which is different to where I grew up. It works differently. People are on different frequencies, they think and act and feel in ways that are alien to a lot of me. Their normals are not normal to me. They fascinate me, and bring me so much joy, and perplex me.

It is one of the many reasomns that I have found and chosen to love this land (the land that I had no plan to end up in). It is one of the many reasons that remind me why I chose to be on an adventure, and listen to spirit, and do something that scares me and know that it may be as bad as my mind wants to tell me it will be, but I will love it, and I will try, and I will grow, and I will do my best and if it doesn't work then its all ok anyway beacuse I will be alive here.

So I am scared of this land. And when I look out across tropical landscapes seeing trees and plants and fruits that I don't know but want to learn about, or watch birds I have never seen before take drinks from the bowls we placed under trees, or drive on roads that are not roads, or meet people from all over the world in a bar playing darts, or speak with the adventurer that has been cycling across continents for the last 15 years, or watch communities celebrate unashademly despite their suffering, or hear people singing beautifully outside on a Friday afternoon while doing washing, singing things I don't understand for reasons I dont know; I feel scared of this land, and full of love. I will work with ever this land gives me, knowing no matter what its all what it is.

It holds for me a way to be different just for these next few years, whatever next and whatever happens. It holds space for me to be alive and aligned.

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