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Fetch and Wisdom

Fetch - the one that knows what it wants

Wisdom - seeing the good and choosing it

Fetch; the one who knows, the one who wants, the unfiltered longing inside us. The fetch roams within the dense forest of all of us. Which makes it so hard to hear sometime. Those howls can get stifled in the undergrowth - under dense thoughts trapping sound and light under the canopy. Understanding what we really want is hard. It is not objective, or absolute. The wolf roams far and wide with desires coming in seasons.

Wisdom; the virtue of knowing and doing good. It has many names and as my teacher side - defining it is like asking what does Love mean. It feels in its purest form to be simple and unburdened. When you act with nothing but wisdom, life is simple, you are doing only what all part of you want and need. You are living authentically. The complications of being and doing don't exist when your actions are honestly yours. I often come closest to wisdom when I am not being wise. I feel it as an uncomfortable tension that reminds me I am not doing the things that are good for me.

Working with these 2 parts of me is everlasting, but certain events bring them to the fore. Changing your life completely tends to create an opportunity to take a look inside at who you think you are and how your life is taking shape. Are you living a life that sets your soul on fire?

I have always found when working at deeper levels, knowledge comes in and out of focus. Something happens that makes you question a tennent of your life. You go diving in your psyche and find a question so beautiful you gasp and almost drown. Its so core and profound you think you have had an original thought. What do you really want? What is your purpose? Why are we here? You really feel the importance of them. They have always been there, however only now does the questions of want and meaning come into focus.

I have these glimpses into how much these questions could shape my being. A very ethereal connection with life on a deeper level. Not trying to answer the question, it is too huge, instead marvelling in understanding it. What if you actually knew what you wanted, beyond doubt and expectation, really knew? The magnitude of the idea is astounding.

I've been diving into these types of questions recently, looking for my own wisdom and fetch.

Wisdom being practical, rational, tangible and accepted, sought and celebrated. Desired.

Fetch being ethereal, knowing, primal and exciting, unrefined and erotic. Forbidden.

The more work I do with them, the more I see the connections between them. How they link and work together. Imagining wisdom and the Fetch in that great forest; Fetch, hunting what it wants through the trees, Wisdom tracking and seeing it. Sitting with both of these parts has helped me to feel into what I really want, and feel the wisdom to act on it.

I know I am getting close as it becomes more uncomfortable - when you start to see what you may want, and what it will take to act on it. You may have felt these moments in your life as well. Have you had times when you observe yourself making a decision, and something hollers up from deep inside you, the faintest of sounds that you just about catch. This is right. This is wrong. Time to act.

Wisdom can be following that urge to cut loose in a rave, move with the abandon your body craves but is often held in place by self consciousness and fear.

Wisdom can be acting on the intuitive urge to challenge someone, even when society will think nothing less of you to stand quietly.

Wisdom can be seeing the future, and knowing how you need to act now to love those around you.

Wisdom can be feeling the things you really want to do, and doing them for you.

Wisdom is listening to that voice, the fetch among others, and making it reality when it is good for you.

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