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What is this jibba-jabba?

Hi and thanks for dropping by! The internet is a pretty big place so we probably don't know each other. I am not sure how much of my background will be of interest to you so instead I'll share what this site is all about and why I put things on it.

I am on a journey, as we all are, through this wonderful and crazy-as-you-like universe. I have had a good few decades of living with a certain outlook and set of perspectives that have been both blessings and boons.


I am actively exploring beyond the boundaries of how-I-have-been which is where this site comes in. I find writing things down helps me to articulate and process the new experiences, word views, perspectives, understandings and whatever else I encounter. The posts on these pages are not meant to be an authority, truth, fact or taken as anything other than one person's world view and experience. 

I also wanted a home for creations, resources and anything else that comes out of living in the edges. This site has become that home, and one I am delighted to build to share things and make them real; to give them something more than fleeting-thought-status. I am also hoping to find like minded, alternatively minded, any minded people to learn from and share with. And because maybe pieces on here will be interesting for some other people.

So there it is - I hope there is something of interest on here and if not good luck on your own path. Peace.

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